Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Idiots and attitude

Last night I asked Monsieur SpikyHair about something.

"Is it wrong for me to hate idiot people?"

"Well, cherie, actually you hate people because of their attitudes."

Oh I love you Monsieur. You're clearer about me than I myself.

It turns out that I do hate people with attitudes I cannot accept. Most people would say I'm a bitch for my attitude on their attitude, but hey, the world revolves around me for as long as I live and there's not much in this world that I give the limelight to, especially in WARS like the one I'm fighting in.

I'm going to list out what sort of attitudes that are bugging me lately:

- Ignorant people who'd rather stay ignorant (BODOH SOMBONG)
i.e people who sits at the back of the class, people who make noises at revision time but in fact didn't know shit about the particular revised subject (bila tanya terkebil-kebil like fuck, tapi buat kecoh macam pandai. BODOH)

-Ignorant people who asks for guidance but didn't stay around to fuckin LISTEN
i.e. Luke Luke how do I do *sending texts and doesn't even bother to listen for explanation*

-Ignorant people who never seemed to care about other people's needs to crawl out of one's ignorance
i.e people who doesn't pay attention in classes, never seemed to bother doing assignments


-Ignorant people who doesn't fucking use their brains
i.e creative thinking in animation classes, keeps on asking me the same questions everyday

Well you see in general I do not like mixing with idiots. But let's face it, there are some truths out of the movies, the genius villain is always surrounded by IDIOTS.

I am EXASPERATED. TOLONGLAH. PLEASE. I am exasperated from all the stupid questions that I have to answer to these idiots, explaining all the small things over and over and over again. Now you see why I don't want to be a teacher at all? Its because of this particular pet peeve of mine about mixing around with people who wants everything to be spoon-fed to their mouths ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Even Googling stuff are hard for these idiots!

Yes, yes, judge me! Call me a narcissist! Call me a bitch! Call me anything you want! But you can't run away from the fact that YOU ARE IDIOTS, idiots. You had me picking up for your messes all the time, keeping up with the nuisances you create, all because I had to depend on something in this wolf eats wolf world. Where are all the people who can actually make me feel STUPID over here?!

As of now in KYM International, I have ZERO friends whatsoever. Everyone else is everyone else. I couldn't do this shit anymore - putting up with all those idiots and their LAZINESS, LACK OF CREATIVITY and OVER CONFIDENCE IN ALL THE UNIMPORTANT THINGS.

I don't want to feel as if I'm bullying the weak with these children, I don't. But I don't seem to have much of a choice but to just put up this facade I've been keeping up with for those past few months, and chew on all of them till they're reduced to nothing.


When I think it through, maybe I'm having the 'unacceptable attitude' problems too. But I know I'm not an idiot because I: 1) go to college to STUDY 2) do my assignments 3) loves what I'm doing and keep on doing it 4) Not neglecting my studies for MEN

I saw this book yesterday, Change Your Attitude by Tom Bay & David Macpherson. Reading through, I think I should change my attitude so I won't trouble everyone up like those mofos do.
According to this book, I do have the wrong attitude. I am a worrier and overreacting.

Worriers. These people are God wannabes who think they control the universe. No one taught them how to distinguish between the things they control (their lives) and those they cannot control. Understanding the differences alone could reduce their worrying by at least three-quarters.

Yeah it's true. I forgot that I'm just a normal person and I CAN'T ERADICATE THIS WORLD FROM IDIOTS. Now I understand that all I've got to do is just control the things I can control (MY LIFE) and ignore things I cannot (IDIOT'S LIVES). After all I need people to step on.

Overreactors. They have short fuses; they impugn evil intent in the most benign situations and demand revenge for every real or imagined slight. Overreactors are the most likely to actually follow through when they say that they are going to murder someone. Their anger reaches the guilty and innocent alike.

Yes I overreact. I say anything I feel like saying in the moment because I can't seem to have patience with people who doesn't deserve it.

I'm ranting ENOUGH on this. Gah.


My phone did another drop roll on the concrete floor yesterday, causing the speakers to fail gracefully in the aftermath.

I printed pictures from the Mini Jam, private sessions, the session I had with Aqeel and Iskandar (oh btw Is had an accident, I heard it was rather bad. I pray that he gets well soon), and some other private pics. Pasted it on the wall like a collage of sorts, and each time I glanced at it I'd remember the good times I had with everyone, despite the fact that I am such a grumpy old woman.

And I realized how young I look like compared to my real age. XD

Can't wait for Raya Jam. They say they're going to come in Baju Melayu. Lol SRSLY? XD

I only slept 2 hrs last night.

I'm craving for Maccas.

These people doesn't seem to understand that libraries are supposed to be serenely quiet. IDIOTSSSSS.

Me going to do me assignments now. :\

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