Monday, December 30, 1991


1. I won't tell you my real name unless you press on it.
2. Most probably I'd lie to you about my age, but I'm 19 yrs old. Really. ;)
3. I don't find hypocrites a nice lot to mingle with, but I'd say different things to you so you won't feel so bad.
4. I'm really a bad honest person/bitch.
5. There are things I could do without, one of them being friends.
6. I'm somewhat indifferent to most of your sufferings.
7. You can hate me, but it's all business actually.
8. I might play the devil's advocate just because.
9. If you happen to like me, and you're sending all the wrong messages, most probably you'd lose me. I'm pretty sensitive.
10. Don't mind me bossing you around. I'm born authoritatively cute.
11. I'm free from all prejudice. I hate everyone I hate equally.
12. I don't like people lying about death. Or taxes.
13. When its Wednesday, Thursday and especially Friday, I always say WTF!
14. The only place I call home is where the blankets are soft, the pillows are thick, the bed cold and the internet super fast.
15. I demand a sleeping partner that doesn't drool. I don't mind a frisky one >:3 I'm talking about cats!
16. I LOVE cats, and they seem to like me too.
17. I LOVE BUNNIES, but each time I carry one around, they seem to quiver horribly. I wonder why.
18. Death to all of you who plays your playlists out loud in public!
19. If we're browsing for clothes, and you pick one that looks downright ugly on you, I'll tell you you look fuckin horrible bitch. :)
20. ONE thing that pisses me off the most and the quickest would be that when someone yell a joke at me. I don't find yelling funny.
21. I never sit other than in the first row in every classes I attend.
22. I don't like minah tudung who's talking about religion but wears tight jeans and shirts. Religion is very sensitive to me.
23. I believe there's always a loophole in everything.
24. I'm a hardcore gamer.
25. I'm a traceuse.
26. I don't believe in love at first sight. Nothing is lovable at first sight. Love is subjugated in my world,where it's only free when I know someone down to their bones.
27. Don't be bitter. I'll get nasty.
28. I know your little brother hates me.
29. Whoever stole my man, to me there's never a greater revenge than letting her keep him.
30. I am proud of who I am, lest you don't.

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