Saturday, July 24, 2010


God damn. Creating a blog, even a trivial one, is never easy for a perfectionist, power-crazy, over-protective dictator like me.

So I have another one up and running wild and free again huh. The last few blogs couldn't make it through, bless their souls. I think I should filter what I write so I don't have to go through that madness of trying to erase everything from existence like last Tuesday.

As I lie on my bed with my hypergraphia kicking in like steroid, I noticed how weird my life turned out to be in just a few months. I've been happy.

Its disturbing to compare my state at the moment and my state circa this time in 2009. I'm surprised by how I'm cured from my depression by only choosing to do things one at a time. Parkour helps me a lot in that area too. I'm being more open, more sociable, and I have less mood swings since I'm busy befriending as much traceurs and tricksters, learning new tricks and all that. It's a good change. I'm not complaining being healthy and normal.

No comment on the love section of my life. It could cause World War 3 if I'm not careful with my words, and I'm a careless girl. What I can say is that I'm having a crush. And I'm not being a good girl at all. >:\

I'll update more. Getting hungrier atm. -_-"

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