Friday, August 6, 2010

How to save a Life

Main Entry: re·al·ize
Pronunciation: \ˈrē-ə-ˌlīz\

Function: transitive verb

Inflected Form(s): re·al·ized; re·al·iz·ing

Etymology: French réaliser, from Middle French realiser, from real real
Date: circa 1611

1 a : to bring into concrete existence : accomplish b : to cause to seem real : make appear real

2 a : to convert into actual money b : to bring or get by sale, investment, or effort : gain

3 : to conceive vividly as real : be fully aware of


Its when someone knocks on your door that you realized there's someone waiting outside when you think you're alone.

A 'jar' was thrown at my general direction, metaphorically speaking.

It was unfair to say such things about my existence, that is true, what was I thinking. God, forgive me, I was blinded by my own miseries. Bless the person who made me realize this mistake.

And lots of people had giving me emotional support during this turbulent time, even offering more than that to alleviate my problems. To tell you the truth, even though I've gone through this many times I still don't know the part where I respond correctly to supports. Lots of thank you's maybe, but I don't think it's adequate.

You see Luke? They were there, its just you who shuts the door on them and think that you're alone in this.

I'll be taking things one at a time starting from today, I can't afford going back on prozac anymore. But with all these people who cared about me, I don't think I'll ever need it again.

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