Monday, August 2, 2010



A male sheep is a ram. A female sheep is a ewe. A young sheep is a lamb.

When a sheep makes a noise, it is called a bleat. The bleat is written as baa.

Sheep meat is either called a lamb or mutton.


Just woke up from a 3hr sleep, recovering from last Mini Jam session. I haven't had adequate sleep anyways last week. It feels good now that I did.

I got a little giddy still, not from the sleep, but from the chat I had with Mr Tigrr about what's happened in my life. It must've been redundant to actually tell him that I have a colorful life, because its so obvious that it goes without saying.

We talked about how pampered art students are than other students, since at class today he watched Salt and as for me in a 3hr class I actually went on fb and watching cartoons in youtube. :)

"On a non related topic, that ____ guy really likes you. And he's not even subtle about it."

I snorted. "Ah, another person realized."

"Trust me. He's making it reeeaaalllly easy for people to figure it out."

I snorted again. "I know, right -___-"

What is this? So many people knew. Is that his point? No, don't take me wrong. What I meant is that, is making it obvious to everybody is his intention?

"How and when did you find out?" I asked Mr Tigrr.

"A few days ago, I think. I can't remember."

Wah. Few days oredi ah? That obvious ah?

"I have lots of free time, apparently," he said.

Mehehehe. "Fb statuses?"


Then we chat about related and non-related stuff, but the most precious one is

"You'll have lots of stories to tell your grandkids nanti. A grandma who parkours, kinda awesome XD"

"Dunno why he likes me. I'm like, downright crazy."

Without hesitation, Mr Tigrr replied. "Maybe that's it, your different, people like different."



Someone close sent me a text, magically on the same topic, right after Mr Tigrr headed off.

"U wanna bet on something? 6 months from now I bet he's still into you...loser buys McDs. From the looks of things, I think he's really in love with you."

All I want right now, is that fluffy sheepskin rug in IKEA to lie and sleep on, hoping that when I wake up, everything will magically sort itself out on its own.

But what I need is to get my arse into full-swing action and do/think something about this. I got to be diplomatically cruel. What about his feelings? What about the person I love? What about me? I always left the 'me' part out in this matter, because I always wanted to please everyone...



Speaking of sheepskin, the first and the last time I held anything expensive and sheep related (read: real sheep stuff) was at IKEA a few months ago. It was the softest, the cuddliest and the comfiest thing I've ever hugged, and to think that there are people out there who says there are softer sheepskin out there. It might sound cheesy, but holding that rug in my arms makes me think of a lover (in general). The heavy, almost aching feeling of lying on top of someone who's very, very special. Someone who loves me sincerely for life. It was an ordinary RM200 rug, but the feeling it gave me... I don't think many understood.

Same goes with my cologne. I like the scent of white lilies since God knows when. I liked it because it smells sweet but it didn't leave a nasty aftertaste, so to say. I wore it so people around me would remember me through my scent. But as of late, every time I smell my own cologne, I'm reminded of someone else, because I think this person got the same feeling I had with the rug. A heavy, comfortable ache in the heart.

Speaking of the ache, I thought over the drama that's unfolded in my life lately. "It's complicated" is an understatement. When I'm with him, will our feelings stay the way we want it to be? I don't know... I'll just see how it goes and try not to fear the worse.

I'm sleepy again. Baa.

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  1. baa baa black sheep have you any wool. i'm stalking you. faithfully.

    stop pleasin' ppl darling. it'll get you nowhere. be strict and demanding. think about you, you, and you.

    btw, nice bunny muffin u're hvg thr... >=D


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