Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today is Saturday

...and it starts of at midnight with one heck of a drama.


Title: The Ghost of Boyfriend's Past.
Time: 12 Midnight - 1.00 am

Mr Computer posted something that made my blood boil.

i'm just a tool for u to 4get some1.if u ever found some1 u truly like..u will let me go just like the rest..

Wah wah waaaaaaaaaah. Sedap sedap he said I'm using him ye. Berapi aku siooot!

I knew how horrible it could actually be if I just let my anger takes over me. I do not want to repeat the mistake I did to Adam, saying bad stuff won't change the fact that Mr Computer has to get it over with.

I broke up with him because I don't want to cheat on his loyalty. If things are looking like they don't have any chance to actually be any more serious than just phone calls, fb walls, or texts, I really, really think I should stop it before it gets any worst.

Yes, I fell for someone. That's why I've to let him go. I don't do cheating. Maybe I'd get hurt later. But seriously, I didn't mean to have this unnecessary fight with him.

I knew how he felt about everything, because that's exactly how I felt for my ex back then when he decided its over between us, and to see him getting back in a relationship with his ex just four days after the breakup, I knew how bad it tastes.

But he's not making any sense at all when he commented on the same status saying that he "hopes that I can get back with her".

Bapak arr. If he wants me back, writing that status is a fucked up move.

In ym, we didnt really chat with each other. Just status trolling.

I wrote "so you think I'm USING YOU?"

He replied something about asking me whether I'm questioning the fact and that I broke up with him without an adequate explanation which leaves him feeling like he's only my tool.

I was very, very, VERY mad. I nearly did something I might regret but Monsieur SpikyHair, Adam and Mr Tigrr's opinion on this matter kind of stopped me.

Monsieur SpikyHair was especially irked with this annoyance.

spikyhair (31-Jul-10 12:13:25 AM): I know this is none of my business, I know,i oredi went to his page.Why dont u juz delete him? I mean, U say anythin pun, Its not gonna change how he thinks,From the looks of it,he's doin all that just to get to you,And when u respond,in any way, He knows that ur seeing what he's sayin,So, Lagi u layan, Lagi menjadi2.

He's right. The more I gave any sorts of responds to him, the more he's going to pull me into the matter. Adam and Mr Tigrr said the same thing too, that I should just ignore him. Mr Tigrr lagi evil, he was like "just block that dude la".

I deleted Mr Computer's contact in ym as well as fb, so I wouldn't have to get mad at his statuses.

When all that is over, I tried to go to sleep, but another drama unfolds.


Title: He's In Love - Status change PLZ
Time: 1.00am - 1.45am

Ni lagi sakit. I was lying on the bottom of my double decker bed and lying on the top bed is a very angry girl who kept on yelling and screaming about how she hates Mr Giggles' statuses. Fb, fb. Look what you have done. :D

I was afraid that this will lead to stuff I don't want to even start imagine would happen. Mr Giggles, he likes a girl *wink wink -_____-"""* but Angry Girl on Top Bed obviously thinks that falling in love = 'Single' status must be changed -__-"

Panas la Mr Giggles when he's insisted incessantly on something he didn't want to do. Sooo he posted one heck of a status msg saying that she should've just mind her own business. Angry Girl on Top Bed gets furious lah. Hmm. Cannot sleep yet, obviously.

I'm tiredddd!!! D:<


Title: I like you. A lot. :3
Time: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Msya was shocked to find that Aqeel came to Melaka with Iskandar too for the short session that was agreed upon. She was blushing furiously. I kept my cool, because I know there's nothing that I should really blush about, though I have to admit meeting someone new is always an awkward feeling.

We had a really good session (for me, that is), cuz I got to learn tricking bits from Aqeel. Iskandar wasn't really a good teacher I guess, but he's a good trickster. You guys should really see him.

We warmed up to each other quite quickly, and so the camwhore session begins. Fb album plz.

Then on the way back to Melaka Sentral, I got a message from Mr Giggles.

"Eh, I nak bagi you sesuatu la. :)" (I've got something to give you)

I replied, "Nak bagi ape? Penumbuk? Aha! :D" (What is it? A sucker punch?)

"U nak ke penumbuk i? haha...ade la. nanti i bagi. hehe." (you want me to suckapunch u? haha, its somethin. I'll give it to you later.)

Aiyo. What is it? I don't even ask for stuffs. I hope its food. Food wins my heart all the time. I guess only Monsieur SpikyHair knew about it, and are able to successively win my heart with this sweet spot I got for food. ;))

"U ske kaler pink tak?" (do you like pink?)

Not really. "Boleh la jgak, nape?" (so-so. why?)

"xde ape2.." (nothing...)

So its NOT food. D:<


There's more but I'm soooo effing tired atm. I'll update, kot. Aha! XD

p/s to someone: i <3 you sayang. :3 hope you know how i feel, and more! :D

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