Saturday, September 25, 2010

I wanna take you.... a gay bar

Hyaah! :D

Ohmygod it's been quite a day. Its supposed to be the Hari Raya Jam today, but I suppose the rain and the otai's casting session kinda fucked everything up. Ah well, I guess it has to wait. :\

Yesterday, Mr Pineapplemilkshake (DONT ask me why pineapplemilkshake, I just made that up XD) picked me up from ze Putrajaya Sentral. He paid for my humongorified chicken chop. It's at least 7 inches long and more than half inch thick. I could only finish half of it. Dayummm that thing's bigggg. Kinda makes me think of a whole chicken going through a sugarcane presser.

Man I should get a camera soon cuz its not fun telling a story without pictars. :(

I checked my BMI again last Thursday. Shit. I'm still a 151cm (?! lost 2cm again) and 41kg old gal. My BMI's 17 and the normal range would be 25, means I'm underweight. But I don't have meal problems, I'm not anorexic/bulimic as my SUPEREVIL sister implies ( >:( ) aand I'm happy with how I look like right now though the rise of guys telling me I'm too small/skinny is at an alarming state...

K back to yesterday, I hunted down for Zachary the betta fish (bought it a week ago)'s food. Pineapplemilkshake dude drove me around (kidnapper! >:D) for it, found ze 'freeze dried Tubifex worms' flakes.

My goodness, the revolting sensation of knowing that I had to put up feeding dead WORMS for the Highness!!!

Jap, me wanna vomit. *BARF*

WORMS! omg. if he aint eating, I will kill that motherfather for goodness' sake and get meself another breed of fish. Maybe a goldfish >:3

If you're wondering, I left Zachary alone at the hostel. I hope he doesn't die lol. He won't, I suppose, he looked like a tough guy. :3 I threatened him if he ever has any idea of jumping out of the water while I'm gone (you jump out of that bowl you gonna dry and Imma throw you out and BUY NEW FISHIE! >:( ) so kejam ha me XD



  1. @nubilus: yeah me too! Cant get rid of that song out of my mind now XD


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