Saturday, September 18, 2010


What good axes are for? Lots, if you ask me. You can hack a cherry tree like George did. Chop wood. Cleave people.

For all the things I could think of, axes are mostly used for destruction. It depends on what you hack and chop and cleave, obviously, but its always used to cut open. Per say, a heart or two.


TAG GAME. I'M AN ATTENTION WHORE. Red Mor. Whether you like it or not

56.sisters: 3

55.brothers: 1

54.eye Color: #302217

53.shoe size: 5/6 maroonish-brown

51.piercings: none

50.height: 153

49.what are you wearing right now?: nothing much. >:3

48.favorite number: 3,4,8,13

47.favorite drink: Carrot juice with milk, green tea lemon, iced milo, watermelon juice, coke/pepsi/whatever you call it

46.favorite month: December

***********Have You Ever***********

45.broken a bone:

44.been in a police car: Yeah

43.been on a plane: Lots of times

42.been in a hot tub: alone, yes

41.swam in the ocean: badly, yeah.

40.broken someone’s heart: lots of times.

39.cried when someone died?: memory failed to initiate. please reboot.

38.fell off your chair: yeah, laughing

37.sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: yeah

36.saved e-mails: nope

35.been cheated on: hell yeah

***********What is************

34.what is right beside you?: someone sleeping

33.what is the last thing you ate?: FISHES!

———————-Ever Had- ————————-

32.chicken pox: yeah. worst time in my childhood life.

31.sore throat: of course you nimrod

30.stitches: i think so....not.

29.broken nose: nein

————————-Do You————————–

28.believe in love at first sight? : NO picnics: I do, but I rarely has anyone raring to go with me. Wish them Amir and friends would bring me some time.


26.who was the last person you danced with?: my NIECE! YOU ZE EBST!

25.who last made you smile?: Monsieur :3


24.did you last yell at?: I can't remember. Its been quite a while. The last person I raised my voice to (not so much of a yell, I say) was Monsieur, cuz I can't hear what he's talking about (and/or in disbelief of what he said) you wear contact lenses or glasses?: yeah sometimes, when I feel like looking like a granny

———-more Questions!————-

22.what are you listening to right now?: Myself typing.

21.what did you do today?: Assignments, texting, IM-ing, fb-ing...blablabla.

20.hate someone in your family?: Yes.

19.diamond or pearl?: Neither.

18.are you the oldest?: Nah. I'm always the little one.

17.indoors or out doors: Depends on what you're talking about.

——————Today did you———————- to someone you like?: *blush* Yes

15.kiss anyone?: *blush redder* It was an acccidenttt.... *wink wink*

14.get sick?: of course, I'm always down with something. :\

13.sing?: BADLY, yes. to an ex?: Whose ex? lol. Yeah I did.

11.miss someone?: Badly, yeah. :(


10.have a crush on someone?: Yes, dear.

9.what books are you reading right now?: The Animator's Survival Kit feeling in the world?: The feeling when you're about to fall asleep.

7.future kids names? in theory: Irfan you sleep with a stuffed animal?: Not anymore

5.favorite sport(s)? to watch: None.

4.favorite place: In his heart

3.who do you really hate?: People who's older than me but acts like they're fit as my children, and people younger than me who needs my attention 24/7 even though they knew I don't give a fuck you have a job?: yeah. I'm a secret agent.

1.What time is it now?: 5.34pm

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