Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just you know why...

Panda Cheese.

He will stare at you for a couple of seconds so you can discern what's the best option you should have chosen. He accepts no tolerance. He wants you to eat his CHEESE! NOW!

By the way I'll write in different sections now because I'm slowly trying to learn how to love the Tag/Label function for those who didn't want to read about stuff they aren't interested in. So you can scroll down to skip uninteresting titles like a good IGN walkthrough would, but I think you'd miss some of the juicy sarcasm that way...........tehehehe.

------------------------------------------------------COLLEGE LIFE/DRAMA/HOT TOPIC

Yesterday night I was approached by my 'seniors', and they were an inch close to hell bent on reminding my friend and I about the Creative Media School the next morning.

"Oh yeah by the way you got to pay RM10 for our Hari Raya event."

Wait what? "Wait what?"

"RM10 for our school event. We had this every year. Its compulsory."

Alert. Unidentified mortal breaching the sacred Circle of Thriftiness.

"What event?"

"Hari Raya event."

"No I mean what sort of event?"

"For Hari Raya event."

-_________-* "I'm sorry I can't pay up right now. I haven't withdrew my money. Ain't got notes with me at the moment. I'll pay up later..." which I obviously won't.

"Ok, we're going to put up notices so you'd know where our rooms at and you can pay up anytime."


There's a huge difference in cultures at different countries when it comes to colleges, but if I were to stoop a little low and stereotype, I'm one of the geeks/nerds despite my hotness (I'm pushing it aren't I? XD) and the fact that I'm a parkour practitioner. And so does my close classmates. I failed to see the importance in social functions and glamorous evening dresses.

They can call me anything I want but its for a fact that I tasted all those things they think only the sophomores or final year students know. I've gone clubbing all night long. Known what a prom really looks like. BBQ every semester. Camps and shit. And I know for sure I don't enjoy one bit of it all because its just that - a one day experience that you can BUY with MONEY. Friends you get from socializing in those sorts of events can be BOUGHT. Its superficial, and one-night-stand kind of relationship. Next day you'll read off their tweets or facebook statuses how one person looked ridiculous than the other, and everyone will be hot on tagging pictures, and after 72 hours, it's just going to be a 'yesterday' thing.

I'm not being a killjoy. But I have my own stand and I intend on sticking to it. I do not enjoy socializing as a socialite would with an isolation. You don't get 500 million friends without having a few enemies, therefore I intend to keep my friend circle small and tightly knit. At least I can narrow down to a definite person or two who hates me.

So what if you call it compulsory? So what if its a college tradition? Each freaking year that passed there's always someone who don't go, and I'm just one of the descendants of these people. I don't enjoy looking at people looking at me from top to bottom and know what they're saying in their minds. Furthermore they can't force me to do what I don't want to do. I don't even know if I'm still alive on the day of the event thing. Heh, so sure of the future, such is the quality of the mortals in the Age of the End.

Plus they don't even tell anyone about what they're going to do with the money. For RM10 per head, I expect something one step behind luxurious. They just told us the event's on so and so, didn't tell us where its held, what's in it for us, the activities and so forth. Shady is the word.

My Animations batch just did a 'placing' (a local slang for 'just being there for the lulz'). We didn't volunteer, raise our hands or anything. We're not killjoys. We're not spoiling the fun for anyone. We're just giving way to people who crave for the spotlight because honestly, we don't need it. Getting to know seniors and juniors? If its beneficial to us we've done that or will be doing it on our own... for now let's just get the show on without us.

There's a huge difference in cultures at different countries when it comes to colleges, but if I were to stoop a little low and stereotype, I'm one of the geeks/nerds despite my hotness (I'm pushing it aren't I? XD) and the fact that I'm a parkour practitioner. And so does my close classmates. I failed to see the importance in social functions and glamorous evening dresses.

Another compulsory for all Creative Media students thing they've (the seniors) been pushing everyone to do is a "photography talk" by someone or a group called "Kuku Besi (lit: Dictators (omnomnom irony)). Seriously, a compulsory photography talk. Am I being a cynic or does that just reek another irony? It seemed that being in the Creative Media students, knowing how to play with a DSLR is like knowing how to start a fire in a tropical jungle, or shootlazerspewpewpewshoopdawoopblargh.

Is there a valid English word for these reoccurring particular brand of behavior? If so please comment on the comment section below. It's like 'culture stereotyping' or something - keeping up with the trend and expecting that everyone (read: EVERY ONE) is into the same thing. If I may, let me show you a detailed argument (correct answer would be : go ahead its your blog)

Statement 1: Justin Bieber is cool to X

Statement 2: X's friends also think Justin Bieber is cool

Conclusion: X thinks everyone thinks Justin Bieber is cool



O o

/¯____________________________ ______________


\_¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Die. DIE. :3


Remember when I said I've been feeling down? Well I found the reason why. It wasn't mine, for starters.

I don't believe in mushy friendship stuff, but I do have this reoccurring thing where I feel someone else's feelings, especially that of a person who's really, really close to my heart. It turns out my best friend is feeling down these days and I didn't even know. I felt sad that I didn't know earlier, but now that I know and I hope our little chat yesterday lifted some of the burden off my friend's chest as it did to me.

--------------------------------------LEISURE READING/HOBBIES

I overfed my betta fish. Tomorrow I'm going to starve him so all that extra tubifex nomnoms will get properly digested and he won't die of overfeeding or anything. This species is prone to death of overfeeding it seems... wow. Little piggies with pretty scales. :P

But Your Highness isn't complaining, he's actually taken to eating in front of me. Before I feed him with the wormies he didn't even want to glance at me or the pellets I gave him. Now I think he's in love with me, because he's constantly making sturdy bubbles in his bowl (this actually means he wants to go downtown and find himself someone to love............yeah that.). To see him chompchompchomp on the dried worms gives me a particular nice feeling, like I just overthrown someone off a throne. XD


I've been mass-following a couple of good blogs out there, from light reading to satire and artwork related blogs, you can check out my blogroll on the sidebar. Some of it isn't in English though.

Building net rep back from square one is really hard. I'm finding promoting my blog isn't as easy as it was when I was writing a blog in my depression LOL! But I think all it takes is time, and good experience in making my blog more interesting to read. But I'm not forcing my blog down anyone's throat - rather, I'd like to entertain anyone's thirst for a real life drama. Tehehehe.

You read this, you like this, follow. Follow! :)


I know this should be in the Hobbies section but it's something so very close to me and made me who I am so it deserved a section on its own.

I bought Command and Conquer old series this afternoon on a casual trip around the town. I now have EVERYTHING from Command and Conquer Red Alert to Red Alert II and that includes all those other franchise like Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberian Sun and Renegade. My oh my how I'm a huge fan of C&C.

The only C&C I haven't played would be the new ones ie RA3 and C&C4 because I don't have a good PC to play it with. And I don't have much time to spend like I did when I was in school lol.

Good old times...


  1. I'm happy to say in my circle no X likes Bieber. In fact one X wanted to hold a Bieber burning rally. lol

  2. @TS Hendrik we belong to the same circle :)


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