Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Choices choices

-------------------------HOT TOPIC / PERSONAL

Armed with a puny RM400 in my budget I am off for a really good handphone lately cuz seriously. My W350i is now a cripple, with non-working keypads, broken battery cover (its practically naked), failing charging/USB port and slow texting abilities. I think he's too soft for me, or he's just born for the chick chicks. My other hardy phone, not exactly mine but in fact my sister's, had been officially dead, it won't start at all. 5 year old Nokia, never cease to amaze me how many times it can withstand daily abuse.

I have two choices right now out of everything else I've surveyed at the local mobile shops. A local company made CSL DS550 and a Samsung Champ.

You see, now the CSL DS550 (above)  is a QWERTY slider AND a candy bar, which is super awesome since I can either show off (mehehe) or just blend in with the masses. The Samsung is a touch screen, think of iPhone that had an illegitimate spawn with no appstore and 3G, there you have it.

If you read the specs for the DS550 here, its a DUAL SIM phone, and as you all there know, I have two phone numbers which I had to keep on 24/7.

And I don't think I like touchscreen phones more than I do with a QWERTY slider. Specs here.

The downside of picking up a local brand that's not really 'out there' would mostly be the customization. I can't really change the theme, and the messaging tools looks cheap (not slick and pretty and all that). But with its dual SIM ability and the fact that the stores where I can claim the warranty/repair the phone is basically EVERYWHERE in Malaysia, I think I should go for it. Should I?

I am NOT going to pick up Sony Ericsson any more. I've had ENOUGH! >:(

------------------------------------HOT TOPIC / DRAMA

Last night I thought I was cheated upon lol. I even got so close to saying "What was I thinking, it's too good to be true from the start". Come to think about it I should have strongly kept that attitude from the start -__-" Its a good thing that it was just a misunderstanding, else I think I'd be ignoring someone by today...

I felt a little blue too last night, on a different note. It doesn't feel good keeping things away from someone so close to me, therefore I called that person up and waited till that person fell asleep over the phone (it was ridiculously late at night). When that person did, I just spewed everything I kept away from that person, I even cried. It's a good thing I erased my old blog because with all the things that I used to be so open with, getting a second chance to CHANGE like I do now won't happen if it wasn't for a miracle. I really hope that this time around anyone close to me forgives me of the things I have done in my past and accepts me as this new person I am now.

At least I think I'm a new person.


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