Monday, September 13, 2010

Why people go to college? :3

I can't possibly love everyone. There are people out there who justify the usage of 'love', 'sayang', 'saya sayang semua orang'. I can't do that.

I'm one of the rare who loves when I need to, not out of manner. Yes, I do have friends which I don't love. Lots of them. I don't lobby my feelings to everyone. It's special, and its only for a handful of very lucky people.

By now I think he knew that he has to give way to that person I'm falling for. I'm sorry, I can't please everyone.


I'm writing a VERY BORING essay on 'why people go to college'. Hereby I list my main points:

- people go to college to look smart. whether or not they actually DO have something in that cranium, it depends on who's talking.

- people go to college to find a boyfriend/girlfriend. seriously. what's college without someone to fuck love.

- people go to college to learn all the wrong things. smoking is awesome! clubbing amaigad!

- people go to college to learn how to plagiarize. the quality depends on what group of respondents you're talking to.

- people go to college to learn that friendships are just a piece of SHIATTT! (backstabbers ftw)

- people go to college for the sake of going to college. Refer to point 1.

- people go to college because they can't go to universities. I don't know if this makes sense. :\

- people go to college to learn how to STARVE, phone parents for more money as a result, and when parents couldn't provide, they learn how to borrow their mate's money and not pay them back.

- people go to college to be able to brag about something even though they aren't such a bunch of supportive people. (ie they hate their fakin' college but they are the ones who cheer the loudest if their college is competing with other college/uni in anything)

- people go to college to steal. how you define steal and what is stolen defines who YOU are.

- people go to college to learn how to say to themselves and other people to SUCK IT UP, DICKHEAD. MOVE ON.

- people go to college so they can show off their youth in their ridiculous attires and thick makeups/ stupid COPIED styles.

- (some) people go to college to learn how to use, and take everything with a BIIIIG pinch of SARCASM and IRONY. :)

and the list goes on.

God, I thank you for the sense of humor You granted me. :\


Butt face invading my privacy!! :3 :3 :3 NOO STOP ITTTTT :3 :3 >:3



I'm gonna do some serious comeback training soon. Shit, I'm rusty! I couldn't even vault well!


All righhhhttt I'll post something decent up soon.

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