Sunday, January 2, 2011

I am...

...standing at an average 150cm, weighing 40kg. My BMI is 17 all the time. To get to a healthy BMI requires me to gain 7 more kilograms.

You can see that I am seriously underweight, and comments on how horribly skinny I look aren't limited to friends and families anymore. Even strangers quote how skinny and small I am.

Small I can tolerate. But skinny? It's very unhealthy. Being very underweight is as dangerous as being obese. Health wise, the dangers of being underweight involves weak immune systems, prone to osteoporosis, irregular hormone regulation, pregnancy complications and so forth.

I know other girls who has the same problem but they're being total assholes about it. They would complain about how skinny they are and how other people are so lucky to have a nice plump figure, but deep inside they like being skinny, they don't do anything about their weight and they love the attention. I might come across adoring my body, but I don't, seriously.

Most women, the friends of my sisters usually, commented on how nice it is to be skinny and all, but they don't know how awful it really is. Being skinny, I easily fall sick, and when I fall sick I eat less. Go figure (pun intended). Its also sad how I always had to hold on to something when there's a strong wind coming, and how little bumps here and there felt excruciatingly painful.

Yes, the perks are great, but I really want to gain more weight and that's where my parkour conditioning comes in. I want to build more muscle than fat, its healthier that way. Though my metabolism rate is not making it any easier - it feels like forever to get an extra kilo.

I still am trying very hard, to gain more weight, more than you think I am. :(

On the plus side however, being lightweight makes my jumps smooth and quiet :P

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