Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Generally I could be a bright person. But I am mere human (human?) and I get to a point where my whole life spits at me so much I found myself being very negative about so many things. And the shocker? Its all because I'm pulled away from the little things in my life.

I don't think I am taking any little things for granted. I love all my things, even if it's stupid, or not working properly. But....why the worst has to happen to my stuff?

I mean, I can actually post up a printscreen of how many people who gets a new phone today. As of me? I dropped mine into a sink full of water accidentally. The battery's out, I know from the white square on the battery, it's turned pink all over. I don't know about the phone, it's still in a container full of rice. I hope by tomorrow the moisture's dried, my humid room sort of helping today.

I hate it when I feel miserable thinking about how to get things that I think doesn't matter much if it's gone. I became more miserable when I thought that things that don't matter to me actually does matter. It's so horrible its almost cancerous.

I just dropped my cold ice tea all over the floor.


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