Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daring witches and cliques

You can call me an outspoken person generally since I am not afraid to give a speech in front of many people. I can do presentations with no sort of stage fear whatsoever, because I enjoy talking to a bunch of crowds who can't do anything else but to listen to me. Making people listen is in my blood - my father and two of my sisters are teachers.

But there are just some stuff that I can't say to people no matter how brave or outspoken I am. It's basically near impossible for me to do it. Here I have organized some of the stuff that I can't bring myself to tell anyone, most of the times...

1. Telling a smelly person that they are smelly

"what is this I dont even"

Good God, I think lots of people find this very hard to do especially if that person is a friend or a family member that you can't bring to hurt. It hurts to be told that you are smelly because I was hurt when I was told I was smelly back then when I was in school (I found a very good product, by the way, that got me out of the BO department. Sanex helped a lot, especially the Dermo Invisible one (its the purple one, it has a somewhat talcum-like smell that some people might find a little too strong at first) and now my body don't smell so bad anymore.)

I couldn't possibly bring myself to tell these people that their bodily odor is making me feel very much repulsed. And somehow I find it funny that a group of people can have similar body odor o_o

2. Telling a stranger parent that their child/children is annoying

It aint my kids, sayang. Ain't mine.

This immediately have exceptions : If the said child is unattended I shockingly discovered that it's not hard for me to scold them if needed. There was an incidence where I scolded a child for kicking a cat.

It's different when the parents are around and letting their children yell, make faces, lagging up or cut queues in front of me. I sort of gotten myself split between getting mad at the parent or the child or both. So most of the times I shut up and curse in Facebook when I got back home. :I

3. Telling someone that something is between their teeth

I just can't. Honey, there are things that's...just...can't be said by certain people with no valid reasons.

And now I seriously forgot the other things that I just can't say. ._.


Accidentally I have fallen for Nicolas Cage's schemes. Figuratively I have lost my soul and died of bubonic plague yesterday.

I know Cage wasn't the director but that's not the case here. Overall Season of the Witch sucks. Period. What was I thinking when I agreed to the ticket girl for a seat in that horrendous film that tried too hard? It failed beyond failure. I'm not really a good movie critic, but as one of the 100% general population out there I have to say, this doesn't live up to what it actually could. A lazy job, I say! Foy did a decent job in giving much range to her part, she could make viewers doubt, but that was that. Cage and Perlman just don't look like they're working very hard for this movie and I am surprised that many critics have pointed this out to so this means that my art school has actually taught me some lessons after all. Anyways, someone should really stop reading Twilight!!

On a small note, poor priest kept on bleeding and no one seemed to care.

For quite a while I observe quietly how girls live out their lives around here, especially in college. I am surprised that 95% of teens and girls around their early 20s simply cannot walk anywhere without a bunch of similarly ugly looking toads friends tagging along. Surprising? Not really. I mean, that's what we call cliques, right? If you are wondering where the 5% go, 4% belongs to girls who can't live without their boyfriends, spreading pestilence upon all whom look at them in disgust. 1% just don't give a fuck. You know where I belong.

Why, o young women, I implore ye? Can't you walk alone to the potty, the class, the mall? Do you repeatedly have fainting spells or reoccurring instances of demon possession that you constantly need those escort girls around you?

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