Friday, January 28, 2011

To that person.

Talking things through requires both parties to be tolerant with each other as well as the ability to give each other a chance to stand for themselves. If one of them is not giving enough chances to each other to explain, or not listen thoroughly when one of them is talking, what we get is a miscommunication. Kinda like what I'm going through right now.

We all have emotions. But when dealing with something that is not personal, especially something that involves professionalism from both sides of the party, what we could do is try to kick away that mortal weakness of ours and try to decide what's best for each other.

What was going on right now is something that you can get from putting two fighting fishes together in a tight bowl with a limited space to gasp for air. We want a similar thing, a need to solve things, but we can't back down simply because we are controlled by our deepest, most ancient cry inside of us. The cry that demands no less than a win. We just simply can't back down, because we do not understand what each other really meant.


I was being labeled a rogue, simply because people don't get what I'm trying to say because they thought they could guess what I am going to say. I am still weirded out at why I pass by a dimwit and a stereotypical teenager to so many people out there that they refuse to sit down and talk to me or wait for me to initiate the talk.

Yes, I initiate it all the time. But I can get bored too, you know, from all the silence and the tense resulting from it. Thing is, I've been into this miscommunication problems even before I got my feet into this useless hatred-filled relationship between that man and me. It was hard enough to step out of the fight that was going on and on between me and my man, now I had to face yet another duplicate situation but with a slight twist - nonetheless in essence the same.

First of all I am not a dimwit.

Talking to me will actually do something but don't expect me to start it because I don't know if you're still mad at me or not. And I'm still affected by the fight I had with my man, so I would most of the times shut up and swallow everything I wanted to say to you. But right now I really don't want to talk to you because I'm still feeling that I'm wronged in so many ways.

I have never forgotten the difficulties I have to endure during the time I am climbing up to my current standing.

I have never forgotten my goal, not even once.

I did not initiate this as a battle, rather, I did what I did because I wanted someone to talk to you whom you could connect, someone with the same job as you, someone who had been in your shoes, and still does.

I did not want to be rude but you gave me no choice but to do so. You got my friends into this, I could not help but get the hell out of there because I did not want you to continue bringing my friends into this.

I think you are a nice guy, but please keep your temper down low. I got my temper too, you know but you really, really don't wanna see how ugly I could be. I used to be on Prozac, and this is not a threat. I'm just telling you that I'm still not right in the head. We can talk things through peacefully, you know.

Don't get my friends into this.

Stop hurting their feelings if all you want is to get to me.


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