Monday, March 7, 2011

Taking things for granted

I really try to be positive here, but I see no
key. :|
We all take some things in our lives lightly. Too lightly, I'm afraid, that we might get ourselves in trouble in the future as a consequence. It could be a spouse, a partner, a friend, or it could be something not important, like a pet or a plant. It depends on our own level of importance in our lives but I bet the things that sit at the bottom of your list have had its share of neglect from you.

It makes us human, those 'take for granted'-prone things. We'll forget about them or treat them badly until we actually lost it altogether; and at that fateful moment of realizing that it's gone, we learn an important lesson.

Once in a while we lose interests or a cute pet. Some people even lose the people they love. Permanently or not, it leaves a huge scar. The scar then becomes the basis of regrets, which in turn becomes guilt, which eventually turns into a form of suffering.

Look at that photo I took a couple of months back somewhere at my cousin's apartment. It was supposed to house a key for a built-in cupboard that kept the fire extinguishers and hose or maybe an axe or two. I didn't manipulate this picture. There was no key, and the cupboard is locked.

This is so sad to the point that I got lost in thoughts each time I see this picture.

Did the apartment management personnel really think nothing bad would happen to the occupants living there?

Did the occupants actually minded that there's no key to the fire extinguisher cupboard?

It comes back to my main point. Most of us simply wait for something to happen, usually a bad thing, to realize that all these while we had been neglecting something that matter. It could be a simple, cheap, copper key that's missing. But that simple, cheap, copper key could save a life, or lose it.

I won't tell you to not take things for granted because it's impossible for us to mind everything in one go. We're human. But I hope for all of us to take some time, a few minutes every day is adequate, to have a closer look at our lives and notice the things we had not been paying attention to.

It could make a difference. :)

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