Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good shoes, good places.

You see there are many ways to determine something as good - often it relies upon one's point of view, preferences or perception of good itself. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I heard from a popular Korean Drama "Boys over Flowers" (and I believe originated from the comic as well),  the character Min Seo Hyun said that "a good pair of shoes will take you to good places".

You see I have read many other blog posts on this 'good shoes -> good places' thing. I found out that many agreed upon a mutual understanding of the saying. 'Good shoes' need not to be a pair of a Louboutin or an exclusive pair of something peeled off from a poor (hopefully dead as it happens) reptilian. It need not be expensive or luxurious. Rather, it has to be something that means something.

This is a pair of cheap rubber pair of shoes, that cost me around an innocent RM5. I know. Too cheap.

I have had pairs of shoes that costs tens fold of this one. But never once have I had anything this small and comfortable.

As I was buying I thought this is one of them shoes that I would destroy in a couple of weeks (such are the cases of my past, long dead high heels). For something that cheap, anyone would think that way. But I was entirely wrong.

It lasted through several huge occasions in my life here in this foreign little city of Malacca. It had seen night and day, high and low, sun and rain. It had served its purpose of getting me together, keeping my feet safe whilst I stomp through tears, laughter, doubt, hate, anger.

The first time I had it on it felt like magic. You know, like Cinderella when the Prince slipped her shoes on. It was comfortable and it made my duck-like feet look small and cute. I never had much problems walking a distance with it - I already did. Through the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malacca, Putrajaya - and it served me well.

It had brought me so much happiness these past few hundreds of miles it took me.

This is what happened after God knows how many miles I had walked with it.

It is true that good pair of shoes takes you to good places. In literal sense, a comfortable, safe shoes may get you to anywhere you want. In metaphorical sense, something you carry along that serves its real purpose, that means a lot and able to teach you lessons as you move on in your life with it is a very valuable partner indeed.

Let's welcome a new player on the field. A pair of red rubber shoes. I don't know why my feet loves rubber shoes so much! But these are very comfy. I am eager to see where these will take me... :)


  1. I definitely feel the same way. I bought a pair of moccasins two years ago on sale. I loved them so much but they were too small and hurt my feet. This did not stop me. For an entire week, I would squeeze my foot (with 4 pairs of winter socks) into those shoes, and wear them around the house for the whole day.

    Eventually they stretched out and I've been wearing them ever since. They are so incredibly comfortable now--basically formed to my foot :)

  2. I'm really glad you felt the same way :) It's amazing to experience something like this amidst our hectic lives, the little things in our lives that open our eyes. What I'm trying to say is that the same could be applied to our lives, be it the man of our life or a best friend. They could be someone who comes off ordinary, but what they mean to us made them very special indeed ^_^


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