Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 04: Something you have to forgive someone for.

I forgive you for being very fragile. What's there to expect from daily berates and put-downs from that despicable old man? I was there. I shouldn't be so hard to you, I know, but forgive me when I do.

I forgive you for asking such a stupid question like "Why did you pick me instead of other cooler guys?" or"Why are you still with me" or  "Why the hell did you love me?" because I can't help but ask you the same questions myself.

I picked you because I want to be with you.
I'm still with you because I love you.
I love you because you're not 
like the other guys you thought I'd be.
Or less of a drama.
or less of a one-night-stand.
or less of a stool.
or less of a fucker like that dude I knew way back.
You had your shortcomings too,
you keep on forgetting things
or how you
get me wrong at so many occasions.
No you're not useless, I know because
you work hard, really hard and
sometimes it doesn't work your way.
...Okay, lots of times it doesn't work your way.
But I know that and I know that by
just looking at how hard you work
to make things work
for you and us and the babies that we're going to have.
We are going to have babies, right?
Stop asking why I wouldn't just fall for 
other peeps
Honestly if you're a girl you
have such horrible taste.
Isn't it enough if I say I love you
because you made me love God?
and myself for who I am?
and my past for it made me?
and my ugly drawings?
and my stupid writing?

you feed me too, by the way

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