Thursday, June 2, 2011

A letter to everyone in case I died.

Thank you to my awesome family and friends who profusely help me out through my time of need especially through my troublesome depression. Especially my family, who acknowledged and embraced me and say supportive things throughout my unstable times.

Thank you too to my best friends who always point it out that I am such an awesome company to be with, an easygoing listener and a kind hearted friend. You guys have been a crucial pillar of my strength. I can't thank you enough for wiping my countless tears when I cry on your shoulders.

Thank you to my parents, for, despite me being a little slow and less successful as my sisters in academic areas, they had always root for whatever I want to do. They always give me the best advices through my hardships, and encourage me to do whatever I dream to be. I will never wish for another parents to raise me up, since these two people had taught me so much about parenting, life, and loving my siblings, however estranged I had become with them.

From now onwards I will lead a healthy, fun lifestyle free from problems and hate that will negatively affect other people's life. I will maturely suck it up and smile because I have awesome people to talk to when I have my problems. God bless the people who cared about me.

Thank you too to those men I used to love, for you guys had taught me the meaning of loving and sharing, giving and taking. You guys had taught me how it means to have a meaningful relationship. Thank you for never ever meaning to hurt my feelings, really, I didn't mind all of it. Everyone has their own misgivings, right? I  really don't mind it if you ever find someone better than I do, after all it is a good lesson on how to let go. Without all of you, I can never really know how to behave like a worthy partner.

I can never thank anybody enough for caring if I ever had a problem, for understanding that my way of telling everybody I'm sad and lonely is by cursing profusely. I am sorry for the curses, but you guys had always known that I had been bitter for too long and take pity on me and understand my weird behavior. You guys always leave nice and supportive comments on my facebook whenever I post something ugly, because you guys knew its my way to tell you guys that I need a friend.

To my teachers who taught me so many things, I can't thank you enough for understanding that, despite my erratic behavior, I am willing to learn whatever it is you have to offer. You guys had taught me to become obedient, self-sufficient and most importantly, believing the hand that's leading me.

Lastly to anybody who cared to read this after I'm gone, God bless you for caring for me. You must've think I had a great life, well I did, and I thank everybody for it, including you. Please forgive my misgivings and understand my disposition. I have a slightly different view about life from a very young age, hence my way of dealing with things are full of spite, but I assure you, I love you all.


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