Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sometimes this jealousy thing is rather important, you know. It kinda helps you to keep your beloved ones in a rather safe radius.

But most of the time turning green isn't a good thing. Ask Bruce Banner.He knows far too well what turning green always do to relationships.

When someone points a note that he or she doesn't like another accompanying you, it's either one of two things, either you agree to halt the friendship or you bark around about it since, after all, you have the choice to choose who to be with and who you're friends with.

Somehow I've been beating around the bush about this thing between him and him.

Let's let my green side write for a bit.

God damn it, if it was about being green from the start of the conversation, please be fair and fucking delete+block HER too. Delete her from your existence, she was never there from the beginning. But prior to that I want to see you say to her face to go fuck off.

Man, getting mad isn't getting me anywhere. I'm not getting even, or getting smarter neither. This is not fun and I don't know what sparked this problem from the beginning.

How do you usually respond to a rather aggressive jealousy? I'd love to know.

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