Saturday, April 14, 2012

I noticed that I don't give a fuck anymore whether people would read this or not, most probably out of hoarding several notebooks filled with my angsty journal with nobody to share it to.

There are days when I get to write a whole week's worth of musings in a row but sadly I find it rather tedious and boring, but it does improve on my personal tone in writing. I guess.

And so I figured, it's no difference if I keep it personal or not, because even in the personal level I find my words ...empty. They were never a secret, they are always screaming to get out, they do not want to be imprisoned. They are supposed to be free...

...what the hell am I rambling about here?

I'm going to keep up with the journals and post them online if I'm that bored. That's a biiig IF right there.

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