Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Attitude :\

I find it ridiculous when people praise me as 'clever, genius' and said they wish they're as clever as I am. So yes I got a 3.8. And you got 2 or something. But do they really think a 3.8 is a gift? Because they make it sound like it is.

I hate these people so very much.

I'm not bragging. In fact, I'm trying to make a point that attitude is everything. Things like good marks require hard work and effort. It doesn't come in rolling into your arms. Maybe I made it look like it did, but I really, really want them to change that perception. I want my friends to work hard for their marks. However, their attitude is killing me.

There are people out there who wishes to have that chance to study! Don't they know? They cheer when classes are canceled. They cringe when lecturers ask them to do assignments or research. They copy and paste their friend's works. Where are all the dignity in this world? How much is its value? Where is it spent, on a corrupted COPY and PASTE button?

If they really want marks like me, they should change their attitude, not just cling next to me and hope that they could somewhat receive that 'miracle' marks. They shouldn't just call me over to study together when final exams are around the corner. They must change. They're my friends, I wish them all the best in their lives.... but if this persists, I will have to fight alone, I will have to fight them.


This morning I woke up to an expected call ;) 6am ftw! I had a good laugh with SpikyHair despite feeling a lil drowsy. It was funneeeee! The thought of our jokes already made me feel way better at the moment. I wish he knew how I really feel, because I don't think he knew how... vast my feeling became lol. Like space, I guess, I couldn't find a good word to describe it. Rasa kembang-kembang lol XDD sounds so wrong sia (Damn Syukri's S'pore slang is rubbing onto me -___-").

5 more days to the mini parkour jam! Its like waiting for waffles to cook, so...exciting and delicious XD

Listening to : OneRepublic's Secrets

Oh, got no reason, got not shame
Got no family I can blame
Just don't let me disappear
I'mma tell you everything

Hey you...yes you. Yes I'm talking to you dear. I'll be here for when you need me. I'll listen to you when nobody does. I'll hold you when you're cold. I'll make you smile when your day's cruel. I'll bring back the feelings that you've lost, and gain even more. I might lose you one day, we might argue over something. But I hope you'd remember that I'm honest with my feelings, and for all I know the good times (and maybe the bad times as well), I will always remember you as a wonderful memory, a wonderful person. I love you.

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