Monday, July 26, 2010

of new rooms, dust, and sentimental issues

I've just realized something. Mr Zombie once said about 'detachment issues'. It's a recurring theme today, it seems. I think I'm having that sort of thing too. Mild, though.

I was planning on moving tomorrow or the day after cuz the girls who booked my old room's gonna come back around the 29th, but it turns out Msya and I (along with cute old Farah) moved everything today. I'm so damn tired.

I was the last to walk out of that old room. I know I should feel something. Msya told me she felt kind of bad for leaving. I should feel that too, I think. But I just....didn't. I looked around for the last time. There's so many things that have happened here. I cried, I laughed, I get mad, I starve, I sleep, I fell... lots of stuff that should have left at least a tiny bit of sentimental values. I just slammed the door shut.

The new room's a lot smaller than my old room, but I like small rooms anyways. It gives a feeling of being hugged constantly :3

The moment I got my arse online, Mr Computer seemed to have left me a video. Fuhh. That's a killer I tell you. He's demanding truth out of me but I admit I ain't got the balls, really. I wanted to call him up and say I'm sorry cuz I think it wont work. But you see, its hard to break someone's heart. Especially when he's putting up a high hope that this relationship is going to work.

Its just me. I fell out I guess. He.... he deserves much better.


I dont feel like writing much all of a sudden. I will tomorrow, I think.

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