Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fuyoh fuyoh!

Starting from 12 midnight till now, today is the weirdest, weirdest day ever!

Mr Zombie slamber katak je sent me some money. I told him, I don't know what to say, and thanked him. I really appreciate his help, though I felt bad for having him to go to that extent to help me. He also told me not to eat only once a day or I'll be left with nothing but booones. Lol

I knew Monsieur is not really okay with this, but he said he'll be fine and its good that Mr Zombie's willing to help me. He sounded a wee bit disappointed. Heh, to tell you the truth, I didn't want to tell him that Mr Zombie helped me. Not because I want extra money, but I'd know he'd feel....meh meh meh the main thing is that everything's sorted out now. Thank you, both of you, anyways. I promise I'll pay you back Mr Zombie.

Lepas tu Mr Giggles pulak... Mr Giggles suddenly sent me a text. Its been a looooooooooooong while he did, and the text was a bit...awkward. I asked him the question I've long since wanted to know the answer: how long has he been keeping his feelings to himself, his feelings for me. Its not like I'm betraying my sincere feelings for...ahem..someone. But I wanted to know. I have the right to know....right?

"You remember whenever I call _______ I always ask to hear your voice?"

Bapak. That was quite a while ago.

"So that means all your statuses are directed to me la? Those frustrated ones...?"

"Yeah, sort of. You know when you said you're in love, I thought it was for me. So I followed your updates and...turns out you're not. Well, like I said before, I'd let anyone I love to choose who they want to be, no pressure.
Since you're having a crush on someone, its best if you try to get his attention...."

wah this guy sounded like he's surrendered. :O

amaigad amaigad amaigad. Run around in circles! Think Luke, think!

Ack, too bad, I dont know what to say. And plus my credit's goone. RM 0.00 DDD: (though my expiry date is like, in 2014 >:) )

Catch up with you's later, bitches :D LOL! *hides from your wrath*

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  1. Syuluukkuunnnn :D

    Yer...Lukey gt crushies :P haha bgusla ada geng lend u munneh. you don't look kawaii with bones je LOL.

    cheh the maxis youth club.sma la kta, mine pun fin cred udah...hoho.


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