Thursday, July 29, 2010

Money and Se...uh I mean Love

Adui. What's adui? Adui is an exclamation of pain, another variation of its more formal form Aduh.

Things mostly happen when you hit the Publish Post button.

After my last post, SO MANY STUFF happened like meteors falling. First I'mma start off with the comments I get from my last blog post.

"Luke, its not your fault. I mean, I'm the first asking no help especially in money matters, but its not like you're gambling, asking money to pay off your debt. You need the money for food, and going by the people who's offering you help, they care about you and they don't want you to go starving. With your parkour training and you being busy with classes, you need to have energy. Obviously these people care about your well being. I'd lend you some money too if I weren't in Oz, or UK."

Adam had always been a good friend, and a good conscience for when I can't hear my good self talking. At first his words on this matter doesn't really change my thought on how bad it is to receive the offer I got.

"Luke, you need all the help you can in this matter."

It still does make me feel bad, cuz I sounded desperate lol! But in the end, I accepted. And with that, I've suddenly realized that, for when my family couldn't help, I have very reliable friends.

Friends that don't want me to go hungry or bony. Guess you guys like me better with extra luggage when I parkour/trick huh? XD

K that's not the only thing.

All this while I thought Monsieur SpikyHair was just being silly on how this particular Mr Giggles showing interests in me since he (Mr Giggles) keeps on liking my statuses in Facebook, especially the mushy ones.

"Aaaa....he likes you Red. :D"
"NONONO that's ridiculous la!"

Bapak dia, Monsieur SpikyHair was right. He finally spilled the beans last night, and I don't know how I should react to this matter, or what I should say. I told him, he should give it some time and think it over. I mean, what's so attractive about me that he likes me? :O

Maybe I'm just hot. *VOMITS*

For all the friends who lends me their help, I really appreciate it. I promise I'm going to pay it back once I get my next monthly allowance.... and as for people who helps me to float back up from my emotional session, I really appreciate it. Honest...

Have a nice day!

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