Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mind traffic jam

Oo. Roads aren't the only things that gets traffic jams. Mind does too, and more often than not it leaves us looking for aspirin/Panadol. -____-"

Today in Character Designs class with Mr Takako Suzuki (aha!), damn I was bullied to my limits, its been so long since I had been pushed like that. He asks the whole class to draw characters based on three shapes, a circle, a square and a triangle. He demands 5 characters from each shape.

The circles are easy since most cute characters are usually round :3

K that one wasnt exactly cute, but hey. :D

Dont ask me why Altman's name is on it. It just came to me. LOL

I know its ugly. My head's already pounding hard when I got here. Blame the woman's intricate designs.

My faaaavoriteee!!! Cuthbert and Lucas (no it doesnt have anything to do with me)! I'm so going to make a comic strip of them. Oh since Cuthbert's cuteness and frisky attitude reminds me of Mr Zombie, I decided to change Mr Zombie's nickname into Mr Tigrrr :3 And he shall be Cuthbert's reference XD

"Our Heart is Right". Square shape. :3

Professor Cookie! Now with a mouth! XDD

A crying samosa (?)

Damn! My brain just exploded. It's pretty hard to think of simple shapes and transform them into a character since I'm used to drawing stuff as is.

I have more drawings but I'm lazy to upload LOL. Bear with me every day and I might give you cookies. :D

Mind traffic jam! Sleeping time. Tido....~

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  1. moar pls!! :3 i like cookies :3


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