Monday, July 26, 2010


Just took down my daily schedule from KYM's page. 3hrs classes ftw, I missed it so much. Thank goodness its no longer called Mathematics. Else I would've just jumped down from the Empire States building naked LOL

So this semester I've got Introduction to Animations, English (YAY! YAY! IMMA SHINE LIKE A SUN IN THIS CLASS!), Introduction to Movements in Animations, Introduction to Art, Lipsyncing, and Rigging.

Lol srsly. After this semester I can actually post quality works in Youtube. I can't wait.

Though I've got to say, for a second semester kid, being thrown into rigging, lipsync and all that is kinda hard. I wonder if I can cope with it. I sure hope I can handle the stress. Baru kena PMS I'm already cursing around like a gangster, what's there to say about me under stress hah hah hah?

Oh and finally I dared to call him sayang. Lol. LOL! LOOOOL!!!! *dies of heart attack*

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