Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sexually harassing a pervert

So this afternoon I went to Sakuno Park with Ash for our usual sessions. I drilled my one-handed cartwheels, so far its been shit.

On my way back, I leaned on the bus window a bit, sleeping. Ash was awake but I don't know what he's doing. I've always been a light sleeper, so when I felt a warmth on my right arm, I woke up but my eyes are still shut. For a moment in the drowsiness I thought it was my ex, because he has a habit of holding me when I fall asleep. Then half a second later I remembered that I broke up with him, and I'm in Melaka, sitting in a bus next to Ash.

In another half a second I thought, it's impossible Ash could hold me on my right arm because he's sitting on my left side, plus he never really touched me ever. The warmth slid up higher as my eyes shot open in shock. I sat upright looking alarmed. Goodness. I saw a hand next to me, definitely not Ash's. Its the guy sitting behind me, and its more than obvious that he's trying to touch my boobs -___-"

Without thinking much and in anger, I flashed my fuck finger at him. He quickly pulled his hands right before my thought of pulling it through the side of that chair sending his face flat to the back of my chair. Yay. I just got sexually harassed.

Fuck you man.

By the way, later on after getting off the bus Ash and I went for our dinner at Tesco's. Sitting in KFC, a very cute guy turned his head around to see me. His big round eyes fixed, locked onto me. I tried not to look at him, but his round eyes just.....I dont know...its so...hypnotizing...

I smiled at him. He looked at me with such surprise he nearly fell off his chair. He laughed and smiled back. I laughed too.

He kept on looking back as he eats. Oh my god. He's very fair and very, very cute. Obviously he's having a crush on me, because he's looking and smiling at me so very often I felt my face just went red, blushing.

That's him right there, staring at me with his big round eyes. :D ISN'T HE CUUUTE?!!! He giggled and smiled and giggled and smiled at meee!!!! XD

Ash said, "budak tu dah angau! Ape ko buat kat die?! XD" (the kid's lovesick! what did you do to him?)

Even babies and crazy people hit on me. How hot do you think I am? Very, very hot indeed. XDD

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  1. woh! nice move with the finger! bet that douche was freaking out in the back seat.


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