Sunday, August 15, 2010

Expectations and Second Chances

I don't like people copying my drawings without my consent.

I don't like it at all.

Its a copyright infringement.

And you're acting very immaturely over this matter.

YOU COPIED MY DRAWINGS. and you don't wanna admit it.

I spent HOURS on that thing.

I don't care even if your life's on the line.

You should've at least TOLD me!

I'm not the best artist out there. I'm not.

But ask anyone in this world and they're gonna tell you the same thing.



So many people in this world hopes for a second chance to do something right. Whether they got their chances or not, what matters is that they come to regret what they did far too late.

I do find myself in a situation where I am having the upper hand on some matters. Like, forgiving someone, or giving someone another shot at making things right. Sometimes I gave people all too many chances that they abused my kindness. So much that I think I revolutionized the meaning of being a pushover.

For when I decided not to give that someone a chance, I'm the bad person .

When I do, I keep on GIVING and GIVING and GIVING them profusely their respective chances, complete with expectations that things will turn out to be better "this time around".

Sometimes I did the right thing. Sometimes I just don't. These are the kinds of things that I can never really learn how to. Socializing.

Its only for facade anyways.

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  1. just continue on being hitler. nothing wrong with that. ppl are too sheep.


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