Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Storm (watercolor on paper), Red Damascus

"Sayang," a slight knock on the door and I turned around. His voice are still sweet, despite his obvious fatigue. I pushed away the tubes of hues on the table, and hurry myself to the bathroom with the plastic palette on my right hand and the brushes on the other.

"Kejap sayang." I hurried past my own sentence. Damn, I haven't cooked a thing. Curse painting sometimes, stealing hours after hours without remorse. I turned the tap too much, and the water splattered all over me with bits of watercolors staining my clothes.

He came into the bathroom with me, and I can feel his warmth on the nape of my neck far before he reached out and enveloped my waist with his hands. There it was, a kiss I'll never grow tired of on my jaded neck, and again, and again. I smiled.

"How was the painting coming along, sayang?" he gets a little frisky with his tongue as he said that. I giggled.

"So good that I forgot to cook dinner." I looked up to the mirror to see him, and he looked never better, holding me dearly. I fell in love again.

I walked out, with him still embracing me, tucked away all my tools in their respective places. We stopped for a while in the afternoon dusk gleam, having a look at the canvas.

"Its beautiful." another kiss finds its way onto my cold skin. I smiled.

"Thank you," I replied, pressing my cheek against his head that he hung out of habit over my shoulder. "Well it's not finished yet, and I think that part has too much white pa--"

He shushed me with a swift turn and kissed me.

"I missed you." he breathed. I fell in love, again.

"Aaww, me too." I smiled, barely standing in this awkward situation. Truth be told I'm weak in the knees whenever he did this.

"Hmm, lets eat out. You must've been tired."

I looked at him with my signature exaggerated expression. "Nononono. I should've said that! Gasp. It'd be ready in a jiffy." I walked a little too fast ahead of him out the makeshift studio and into the main bedroom. I thought I saw a smile on his face.

"Mandi." I said briefly from the bathroom - ordering, more or less. He laughed as I adjusted the heater temperature and testing the pouring water out of the shower head.

"I can do that on my own you know."

"I know." I chuckled, and as do he.

"Such a cute girl."

"Old girl." I smiled. He chuckled again.


Ramadan 3rd, 13 August 2010. Friday the 13th! :O

As I paint my second artwork, this came to mind. Mushy, I know, but love has always been food for many artists for many decades.

I'll upload the photo of the painting later.

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