Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Axes Remix ft. InseCurity

---------------------DRAMA / HOT TOPIC

Sometimes when you're rolling on top of the wheel and think everything's going good for you, you become too comfortable and that's when everything will keel over, bringing you down with a hard CRASHHH and you're expected to pull a straight face.

I was too comfortable that I'm going good and then one day it's all gone, I don't know what really happened, but  I can only remember how the gravel felt like when it grazed my skin and got into my flesh. There, I have learnt a great lesson from a class I've been to many times - things may go wrong anytime when you play with fire.

I thought I was enlightened, but I guess I'm entirely wrong. It doesn't hurt so much, but I do feel like I'm being kept in the dark with the only light shining to my face. I knew there's someone behind that bright fuckin white light but he ain't talking to me... guess I'm trapped again. Yes, go girl, you're in that cell again.

What did I do last time in this torture chamber stuck with that person in the darkness? Think, Red, think. Uhhmm, I cried a lot before, I'm not right now, so I guess that's an improvement. How did I got out? Hmmm... lets start by putting the left feet before the right feet...yes, slowly, you can do it. Its time to walk away when it's not the same like it was.

I guess I'm a bore. :3


Monsieur and I are becoming closer and closer day in day out. I share things with him, most of the times he's getting quite hurtful comments from me, but I guess I hurt the people I care about all the time. A good friend and listener, that fine lad. Still, being me, I feel downright insecure about people having... axes in their old sheds. Things can go wrong like I'm going through right now, different case same feeling of being cajoled into an empty dream box.


Still am bothered with the silence. Yep, gone. Walk on by~

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