Saturday, October 16, 2010


(scribbled on a piece of used paper on 13th October 2010)

These 2 weeks (or was it more?) especially this week, everything is taking a toll on me. With my hormones raging up and down and around signalling like an angry bull that my period's coming real soon, my assignments never seemed to end. One after another, it's giving quite an impact to everyone I know.

I missed my dad's trademark 'BLOOOOODY SHITTT' because that's the only word that fits my physical description as of late. I'm having pimple breakout, bad moods at inappropriate times, several arguments with Monsieur, pleghm that never seem to just.get.the.fuck.out. of my throat, somewhat blocked nose, unfinished study loan matters (fuck you bank statement people, fuck you), and people problems.

Kenny's caught another wave of flu. Everyone else (at least the ones who did their assignments - or try their best to do so) is having headaches. It's never ending.

It doesn't boost my morale up, the fact that I had full marks on my mid-term English paper. It hardly did. It could be that I have full knowledge that I'm having very little competition in that class, or the stress of everything is building up.

Good God I need the semester break so badly now.

(in random notebook, 14th)

I wish everyone who's not interested in Animations course would just fuck off RIGHT NOW because they're making my studying environment a hassle to go through every single day. Their lazy attitude is making the lecturers hating me and the rest of the guys who WANT this day in, day out.

Can you believe it? for 2 months they got off doing NOTHING for their coursework, and still had the guts to play facebook, date around, talk about girls/boys, going camping etc. What the FUCK is on their mind???? GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE COURSE IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO MAKE THE LECTURERS ANGRY YOU SPOILED ROTTEN CUNTS!

You think you bf/gf is going to support you and your stupid ass no-life no-brainer useless cunt for the rest of your sorry fucked up life?? You think ANYONE would want a NO BRAINER as a life partner? You must've been wondering why everyone seems to move so fast, its because people with brains know what to do with their effing time better than you do.



I'm happy. :)

Yes, the irony. I'm back in my flow now, no more hate I suppose - until one of these fucked up bird brains fuck up my Thursday mornings again, then I'll start bitching for real in front of their faces.

Blogging mode, on. After a whole week of suffering.

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