Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Semester 3's Foreword

It has been months where I literally sleep with a bunch of papers and graphite marks on my palm. The stain is so thick it made my skin looked grey most of the times.


I'm enrolling for my third semester for this year. It has been really crazy, so crazy that I couldn't even find time to update my blog, not even on my holidays. Understandably I have learnt the burdens art students carry on their backs the hard way. Many juicy things happened along the way when I wasn't able to update this, but I guess some things are left unsaid lol. It'd get juicier for those who wait I suppose.

COLLEGE LIFE --------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>

Said earlier on, yes I managed to get 3.4 pointer for my last semester (semester 2). It was a far cry from my excellence in the first semester, basically its because I've been mingling with the wrong lot, and the fact that I have to keep up with seven subjects compared to three for the first sem.

I don't know....but I heard rumors about many classmates dropping out. I don't exactly know who but I think I have an idea, he wasn't really interested in what he's doing so he's sort of forced into this course I'm taking. Good that he made that move, I'm sure it's not too late to pull his legs out from this whirlpool of lolz.

Everyone I know had a decent decrease in their results. Kenny is especially affected, since he's the high-achiever person who don't really give way to a drop of result. I am pretty affected too, not of the decrease however. I'll just keep it to myself for a while :|

PERSONAL -------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>

So I'm in a relationship now. Cool.

update soon. Really not feeling well atm. I'm down with cold for a couple of days now and phlegm is accumulating... X_X

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