Friday, October 1, 2010

If you see a rainbow...'re looking at the gloomy side of the sky. Turn abruptly around now.

-------------------------------------COLLEGE LIFE / DRAMA / HOT TOPIC

I just heard from a friend that a classmate has been called over by a lecturer concerning about the dinner event that I was being hell bent on reluctant to go. He was threatened to be expelled should he did not comply and go to the event as planned.

I told you there's a huge difference of culture when it comes to colleges around the world. Conflicts like this often arises and one couldn't help but wonder.

Whatever it was...

demotivational posters - SHUT THE HELL UP
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Yes, shut the hell up.

I think no matter how much I resist it, I still have to pay up just to please them. Ah, one can never really escape the fact that things like having to drown in the opposing current happens sometimes.

As for now all I want to do this weekend is to kick my shoes off and lay down and not think about all that drama. I've got tons of drawings to do.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- LOL / PERSONAL

I had been asked about things involving this matter. I don't like pointing out things to other people because I do get very honest about my opinions. Just so everybody remembers, everyone has their own off-limits radius which other people should be wary about.... I'm just saying.

And so does some aspects of my life. Why don't I get the hints that some things are just....??????

Yes, well, that's helpful.

Oh yes they will.

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  1. I like the rainbows quote and the acid poster. Both are awesome.


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