Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bitch shut up!

We all know that respect has to be gained, for some painstakingly, for others maybe not so metaphorically painful.

I think what's going on in the head of a girl I run into in the college bus is about why nobody talked back to her when she bitches around, perhaps a form of respect that she is an old wrinkled bitch. She thought that by intimidating people into doing what she wants everyone to do is a way to gain respect, and plus being some sort of a senior, she likes to push everyone around to do her bidding.

Generally I would be a said bitch at some part of my life, especially when we talk about raging hormonal changes and stuff happening in me. But this old bitch is getting into my nerves, and being a manipulative destructive other bitch I don't go up barking in front of her, I am planning a long-remembered humiliation and suffering of the lost of face to a young ho in the block. Yes, I am planning to humiliate another bitch. We don't go along often, us bitches.

This old bitch would go up in the college bus rather early (Malaysian early.) and I find that in most cases, I was the earliest one to sit and drool in that bus waiting for other sloths to get ready for college, but that's not the case as of now. When she comes up there before you, she'd yell something like "OI CEPAT LA! LEMBAB!" (transl.: GET YOUR ARSE UP QUICKLY, YOU SLOW PIGS!) to anyone, anyone at all whose late in her terms.

If I am not mistaken she's a Theatre bitch, or a Multimedia bitch, but I know she's old and she's rude. The lecturers doesn't seem to mind her attitude (there are more than one occasion where I stumbled upon her talking to my lecturers), partly because I think she does her job well, whatever the job implies here (JOKE. ohmygod cant you people take dirty jokes lately, please me. I'm mad right now. Just, laugh. ok.). She looks pretty, but with her outward bitching without the rules, I don't think most men find her attractive. No men I knew want to fuck a noisy chick that kept on bitching about their small dicks, of which I think this old lady will do.

You know, maybe I'm just lawful evil, but there are sets of rules that you have to use if you want to be a bitch and still have friends you can manipulate. You see, if someone come up to your territory and they only meant to pass that stretch to get to the other side, you don't come up biting and barking and pissing at them randomly. However annoying they may look or how slow they can be.

Because karma is also a bitch in its own ways. 'nuff said.

I mean, I hate these slow pigs too you know. You see if you know that you'll need 3 hours to get your makeup/hair/hijab done, wake up 3 hours earlier. I'm talking like 5 am or something so you don't lag up other people. But barking at them randomly as if you're on perpetual PMS is not cool. You might actually need their help sometimes, however good you think you are as a bitch. And when you do, you'd be shocked to find that, oh my God, everybody hated me.

Maybe I'm a karma in action, waiting for my time to strike, just for her. Or maybe she'd get it before I got her, or for when I forgot about that worthless piece of shit, someone else will.

Don't ever think that being older and wrinklier than anyone else, you can have an immune sort of respect anywhere. People might speak nicer to old people, most youngsters do or at least try to, but if you're the type that kept barking about and spitting venom at random people, not only your voice turns hoarse and your venom non-fatal, you will also look like some old hag having a dementia going on in your small arse. And you get more wrinkles from frowning at new hos that shoves their shit at you.


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