Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let them eat cake

While Marie-Antoinette was commonly associated to this idiom, it wasn't her who coined it, if she did then she most probably misunderstood, and like you net users would understand naturally copypasta ruins originality.

From my point of view, asking the starving people of France way back then to "eat cake" means either one of two things : sarcasm or trolling.It wasn't the case here however, when I felt like telling people who "starve" to "eat cake". No, it's not a dirty joke, but rather, a worn out reply.

You see, today I have learnt that not only censorship rules appear in gruesome or suggestive art, it also happens in Real Life ™. Sometimes you will be thrown into a circumstance where you can't say something because an unseen powerful rule says you can't, or else you will come into a sticky situation where things really get nasty. There's only so much an outspoken person could say about anyone before someone pokes something into the nether region of that said outspoken person.

Perhaps I have said enough when I heard that a friend was given another chance after screwing up for the past few months. And I'm glad I did, though I was left to wonder how things will change even if the said person is given the second chance to make things right since I can't really see much change in that person. But then again I am glad I said enough since saying anything more will rub salt to the injury, however tempting it is. Someone told me that even though the ties between the two of us got severed sort of badly (well I give long-lasting impacts I know, just to show that I'm that kind of bitch that has the aftermath equivalent to a permanent territorial marking urine scent.) I was expected to be leaner in my judgement (which I guess will never happen now that its marked all over) and subtly telling me to forgive said person. But as I have said earlier in this post, my reaction was more or less "let that person eat cake" where I told the person in defense that some things had to be picked up as you go in life and I can only back up so much for one person. The training wheel has to come off sooner or later. Whether you like it or not, life is full of bat-shit insanity, it was never really pretty, and there are many ugly and mean people out there so no rest on anyone's laurels even though most think that youth gets us away with anything.

Perhaps I have said too much or have been misunderstood like Marie-Antoinette (probably her, because nobody really know if she really have said it, media has proven themselves to be able to alter how we view history and how the history comes out, I bet you already know that) when I wrote the post before this one. I am not going to elaborate but things sure felt cold between me and the person in question. I do hope things take turn for the better once the jumbled up shit in our heads clear up, and that would mean a breather for both sides for a while. It was a miscommunication, you definitely will get in a row with a sensitive bitch no matter how cool you are. She makes things difficult. I make things difficult, and I am really sorry for that. Blaming my past is just an excuse I suppose, but I can't help being really fragile and emotional after what I've gone through.

So what's this about censorship? Well like I said. Some things are meant to be not said. And if you don't have bread to chew on, eat cake instead.

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