Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The passing days I spent painting what I want to paint. Focusing on skills, learning tips on how to use liquid friskets, controlling water in brush and the color I used. So far it has been great and I'm beginning to put in my own touch in all of my attempts.

I am still very amused in how emotional I have become lately, thinking of what happened and where had it gone wrong. Very reminiscent of what happened back then. About the same age too, and the attitude - I am still so fucking amused in the similarity.

And the way I'm handling things, it doesn't seem like I've changed much. I still spit venom. This exact replica of that man in my past is also spitting venom. I cannot see any of us mending the bond anymore after what he said and what I said. It just ends here and I am not willing to be mauled by another Allen in my life.

"Oi! What would the neighbours say??"

Yippie-ki-yay motherfuckers! XDDD *sudden mood change. My God, I need treatments for my bipolar disorder*

Whatever happens after this I'll make sure I don't meddle so much in other people's lives anymore. They don't care about mine, do they? All I've got to say is that when they actually get into trouble reminiscent of this one, be heard that you'll hear my voice mocking your conscience saying very very loudly "I told you" to you.

By the way I found this amazing picture some time ago. While we're talking about snakes here, I suppose it's a good place to paste it in. :3

Anyone can tell me where's this taken? I've read from the snippets that this is a statue of a god fighting a snake...meh I'm weak in mythologies. If anyone recognizes this would you please inform me where's this statue at and what god from which mythology this is.

I'm done typing for today!

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