Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jet packs ready.

"When you're right here I'm a rocketeer. Let's fly"

The first time I heard the first verse of this song I was a little disturbed by how I interpreted it. It made me miss lots of things in my life that I hadn't been able to see often since I'm here doing my Animations course. I felt like I was separated farther and farther as the time flies...and each time those things I miss calls for me, beckoning me to come back into their arms.

Phew, it has been 7 months since I left my home on a plane to redeem myself. I hate to admit it but I'm horribly homesick at times. I miss home. So many things had happened ever since I've closed the door to my room 7 months ago, so many things which had never failed to surprise me, things that revealed how that silly thing called 'maturity' plays very little role in how I respond to my life's unfolding drama.

Our little slippers ^w^ I'm so mushy at times :\

Things calmed down a lot after a week of holiday. My head's not so messed up so much anymore, there are times when my anxiety attacked me at nights but the holiday did me good.

Remember that angry post I wrote about 'that person'? Well things had unraveled itself out of the confusion today. It seemed that he's taken the step into repairing the communication breakdown we've been suffering the whole 7 weeks of this semester. A friend thanked me for writing the letter since it seemed to have worked and everyone's morale is getting better now especially mine. After a good brush from Ms Farizan, the finance people, the Dean and my friends, I took back my decision on dropping my subjects that he taught. Wasn't being cowardly when I thought of that, I'm just the kind that pulls away from a fight if I think it's going nowhere better simply because getting into a fight drains too much energy and mood....

A friend told me that he was looking for me and was hoping that I'd come. He saw me today in the office but I chose to not come to class :\\ (Yes yes yes yes YES I know I promised, Mr Nawawi. But yes I'm that stubborn I guess :[ ) I felt bad in an instant (I'm that soft?! I guess I am :P) and feeling that I should cut the crap I've been smearing for now and see how things go, if he'd really meant what he said. After all people make mistakes and it'd take forgiveness to make things feel less stressful.

So for a coupla weeks from now I'd be very busy, making up for the time I've not spent for the assignments he asked us all to do. On the condition that he won't go all bats*it insane (sorry, but I can't find any suitable words to describe what happened other than that :\ ) I won't go bats*it insane as well and I'd start concentrating in doing the assignments as best as I could.

On a non-related note, I had a really painful period pain again around 3pm and I really think it's not normal by now. It's too painful and at too many occasions, but my doctors kept on reassuring me that it's okay unless it gets worse after marriage :\ But I find it funny how I can sleep it off. :\

National Zoo never really change, do they?

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