Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life so Far

Lost all interest in writing and publishing my musings online after so many internet police running rampant in the internets.

I've been writing old school. Keeping numerous journals close to me and write whenever I feel like it. It's Ernest Hemingway all over again for me and to be really honest, I am enjoying it.

For all the love in the world I can give to the world of animations and 3D, nothing could ever beat writing out of my Most Favourite Things list. And that is why I decided, I should be taking a degree in English and start writing correctly after I'm done with my Animations' course.

Doing my practical training lately taught me a thing or two about life. That you can give so many people a mountain of wealth and they still fucking hate you for your racism, discrimination, lack of planning and pride.

The world is going crazier and crazier, and instead of feeling bad about humanity, I start taking things in a different turn almost haphazardly: I don't care any more. I realized that I can't do anything about what had happened around me, like a helpless child being pulled into a wildly spinning merry-go-round. I know I can't stop it, I can't go anywhere and the world is going at full speed.

What I do care is what I could do and what I could give to improve the life that I can steer.

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